Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, where, oh, where has my Honda gone?

It's a curious feeling to walk outside and go to your car, only to discover it missing. My first reaction was to laugh. I mean really what else am I going to do. It's an old car, nothing valuable (other than a blanket a friend made and a external frame backpack) was really inside and it was all paid off. Still, it seems I should feel outrage or hurt or something, but I really don't. I just feel like it's some cosmic joke. I felt more violated the two times my stereo was stolen than I do over this. I suppose it is because there is nothing to react to. I guess it's time to buy a new car. We had been sort of planning to anyway.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Also found a coupon for Dr. Kilmers Swamp-Root tonic! Here is a link to the modern day manufacturer. I will post a copy of the coupon too.


Dandelion Wine

My mother and my aunt are lookin g through old family papers and documents and just stumbled across this old recipe for dandelion wine. I wil have to try this come spring.

Dandelion Wine
5 qrts Dandelion flowers.
2 gals boiling water, let stand over night and strain. Add 4lbs
white sugar. 6 lemons, boil one
hour. Strain into a stone jar and
let stand 2 to 3 weeks. Add 1/2
pint whiskey and strain into
bottles. 1 pound raisins.

The one pound raisins is added as an afterthought in a different leaded pencil. This is great! I love it. I will add a scan of this once we get it into the computer.

Monday, October 26, 2009

"The qualities, almost emotional, palpably artistic, heroic, of a tree; so innocent and harmless, yet so savage. It is, yet says nothing. How it rebukes by its tough and equable serenity all weathers." — Walt Whitman

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The night before

So I am lounging there in bed, lazily sketching in a notebook falling asleep, when it dawns on me that it's Thursday night. That mean one thing, garbage pickup in the morning. My mind leaps to the large overflowing Rosauers bag next to the kitchen counter. Then to the fact that I will have to take out said garbage now or at some god-awful time in the morning, because Sean is out camping. Then to the more daunting and horrifying realization that with Sean gone no one is here to actually put out the garbage cans to the side of the road.

Now this may seem like a small problem, but trust me. This is a monumental task. Not that I fully realized it in the moment. At that time all I thought was: "shit, I'm going to have to do that."

Taking a cue from that morning's attempt to rise early, and its subsequent and epic failure, I decided to pull myself out of bed and complete the task of taking out the trash myself. It was what a responsible human being would do. I was responsible I would do it. If only because Sean did it every week since the giant snow storm and somehow our landlord thought this sufficient excuse to shirk his erstwhile duties. (By the way I don't think that is a good excuse. He took out the garbage every week before that snowstorm, why can't he do it now?)

I threw on some clothes, turned the house lights back on and found my cell phone (in case someone tried to attack me) and my keys (to lock my door behind me in case someone saw my momentarily empty house as sackable) and grabbed the overflowing sticky brown bagged mess of a garbage. Really this was important, I mean look at the state of this garbage! Taking a deep fortifying breathe (luckily the garbage, though full and sticky, was at least not stinky) I plunged outside in my over thick brown sweater. I ran around the corner of the porch to see if by some fair bit of fortune, someone, anyone in our apartments might have seen it in their hearts to actually pull their weight and take out the cans, but alas and alack, no. So I trudged up the other side of the 1890's mansion and found the two lonely garbage cans, twin brown squares of smelliness, sitting under the buzzing alley lamps. I opened the one that wasn't sticking a tongue of garbage at the neighbors recycle bins (we don't have recycle bins, but Sean sneaks stuff into the neighbors per out landlords instructions) and contemplated my next move.

Now our bins rest on the highest point of a very steep, rocky and crevassed slope that is difficult to walk down, let alone with two awkward brown barrels rolling behind you. Now add about 300 pounds of garbage to the equation and you have a mess...no pun intended. I just have to say that my first attempt at moving the larger of the canister failed, not because I couldn't move it, but I had failed to estimate the proper force. That thing was HEAVY! With a hefty pull of my arms and a little help at the bottom with my foot I manged to get the canister onto its wheels and mwde my way to the hill, the part where flat ground becomes the rollercoaster from hell. I had a wild moment where the can tried to wrestle out of my hands, aided and abetted by a large rock jutting from a particularly well established crevasse, before turning the can around and getting it to stop for a moment. I then had a crazy notion that I could somehow drag both of the garbage cans at the same time, but I regained sanity after moving the other one next to the first and realizing that was a one way ticket to being stampeded. The next couple minutes were ridiculously scary as I dragged the larger can behind me, feeling like a hostage being push along at gunpoint by a three hundred pound thug, until I could finally turn it around in the alley's mouth. Then I had to go back UP the alley to retrieve the other can. God I hated garbage day eve.

The other can I decided to let run in front of me, but this didn't turn out to feel any safer as it jostled and jumped along dirt sand rocks and, obviously, magical springs that made it possible to be completely airborne at certain moments. That garbage can too managed to make it to the bottom of the Hill of Absolute Terror and Certain Death, without running me over or getting away from me and killing someone. I breathed a heavy, but not too heavy, sigh of relief and, keeping my hands from touching any part of myself, jumped-ran up the steps and to my front door, I fumbled for the keys, wishing I hadn't had to touch them with greasy garbage smelling hands, and I was inside. Done and Done.

Sean, I now appreciate the hell you go through on a weekly basis, from now on I will try to remember and come help you in you Sisyphean task. Wish you were here!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goodbye Mary Travers

It seems like a lot of celebrities have died this summer, but so far none of them really affected me with much more than a tinge of sadness, (and sometimes annoyance for the overdone publicity) until this evening when I read that Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary passed away.

When I was a kid I used to listen ad infinitum to the album Peter, Paul and Mommy. It was a collection of children's songs including Puff the Magic Dragon and The Marvelous Toy. I loved that album so much that as an adult I purchased a compact disc of the music as well, I am listening to it now and thinking my childhood wouldn't have been the same without it. I used to sit in front of the record player and carefully set the needle on the record, the speakers would crackle for a moment then spring to life with music. I remember the record had an olive green label in the center and that when it was dark it was hard to see which side the record was on, so sometimes I would have to flip the record over to play "the Marvelous Toy" side rather than the "Going to the Zoo" side, since you had to play Marvelous toy first cause that was side A. I could sing any song from that album at the drop of a hat, they are so much a part of who I am.

The minute I said Mary Travers had died out loud, I started in on my favorite song, "Leatherwing Bat" I hadn't heard the song in a few years, but I could almost sing the whole thing from memory. Hearing that Mary is gone really affects me. I don't know what else to say except thank you for all you gave me and you will be missed.

Ally, Ally in free...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer is an impossible time to start projects. Especially large cumbersome and scary ones like starting a business, there are just too many distractions for serious focus and responsibility. The sun is out, go out and play. That said summer is a great time to gather herbs and resources and look around at farmer's markets.

So as summer winds down I find that I am left with a large plate of things to do, but it isn't so overwhelming because I have basket loads of herbs and veggies, I have half of the major equipment I need including a blender, a gram scale and an tincture/oil press (I still nee a mini fridge, a proper grinder that can powder herbs and a (wishful thinking) new computer for business purposes) I could also use an industrial kitchen with a gas stove, a heavy duty counter, a percolation unit and a distillery, but that could be pushing the limits of the word 'need' at this point.

I started, and amazingly finished, a batch of comfrey oil. I had to powder the herbs which was a fun process and startlingly loud, I had to use two different blenders in small batches. It got kind of dangerous with all the powder in the air so we had to go find our dust masks in the basement halfway through the process. I let the oil sit for three weeks (it's usually just two, but I got busy so it got an extra week) and then I got to use my brand spanking new herb press! It's so shiny and new, though its quite a lot of work to use it, our hands and wrists were aching and that was only two pressings! I cannot imagine when we are processing several batches in a day. I hope I have a more efficient set up by then.

Also, a cautionary tale about popping pimples. Sean, my love, popped a pimple on his eyebrow and it got infected and his eye swelled up. I had to give him the witch doctor treatment, you can see him here with clay mixed with plantain leaves, and whole boiled bee balm leaves on his eye. (I also tried boiled carrots) The best treament turned out to be french green clay with echinacea and st. john's wort tinctures mixed in and applied to the area like a plaster. This pulled all the fluid from the area around the eye and didn't get leaf juice in his eyes so much. Though it didn't look quite as cool.

I just hit send on a large (the largest) order of herbs and some other supplies (cocoa butter and wax) so production should start soon. Now all I need is labels and some more tins. I will buy those of course at the last possible second just to cause myself a little strife, but also because I can only stretch the budget so far so fast. Luckily it looks like I will be putting in more hours of paper flower making soon, and then aNeMonE will be opening the new Downtown store in Octocber, so I will be back to retail as well! Fun, fun and more fun!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Field Trip!

Went on an unexpected trip to Priest Lake this morning, to deliver some flowers to a wedding. Sean and I woke at the crack of dawn and were on the road by 5:47, we arrived at 8 or so and made a bride and groom happy :)

It was kind of chilly this morning so we didn't want to go swimming, but we did find elderberries in bloom, elderberry flowers, which was strange since most of the elders were in full berry, Mullien and St. John's Wort! I could have gotten some Tansy as well, but I forgot to grab some before we left our gathering site.

So without further ado, pictures:

Me picking some St. Johns Wort
St. John's Wort, closeup
Elder Flowers

Elder Berries in front of the lake
I picked these elderberries and the only place we had to put them was an old blackberry jam container we had in the trunk. It was clean and everything...strange. Next time we go out to the woods I am making sure I bring scissors, paper bags and of course my camera. I was almost completely unprepared today!

Oh and we also stopped for breakfast at a lovely little cafe called Ardy's in Coolin, ID.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Amanda's Herbal Apothecary, Batch 1

I received two gallons of grape seed oil and a brand spanking new oil press in the mail this week (the press would have arrived on the same day but it was delivered to my parents neighbor), so I have begun the process of processing.

I have been gathering Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) all summer from my mom's, bosses and friends yards so I had plenty to start a batch of oils macerating. I decided after my last batch of oils that I should powder the herbs first. This was a much more involved, loud and hazardous prospect than I would have believed before. At school we only did small individual sized batches, but i was planning on filling a half gallon jar with herbs and oil! We used half of a garbage bag full of whole leaves of comfrey, it took two different blenders to get the leaf down to powder and I don't know how many small batches that was; at least ten. The blender was way noisier than I anticipated (my poor parents were trying to watch TV in the next room) and the powder that came off each batch was sort of noxious, we finally got smart about three batches of blending in and grabbed some face masks. And still after all this only managd to fill the jar a thrid of the way through! Whew~

We decided we'd had enough and poured 1200 ml of the emerald green oil over the lovely garden green powder, shook it up to make sure all the particles were covered, and then we left in a hurry because that was hard work!

I think I may ordered the rest of the herbs in powdered form, it's not that much more expensive to have them do it for me and my time is somewhat precious. It took a good hour for one third of a half gallon jar of powdered herb and I am just not sure i want to deal with that every time!

Picture to come, I forgot my camera ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lightning storms and backaches

This long weekend started off with a bang (more like boom) the lightning was so close and the storm lasted so long and brought in a much needed cool breeze. Three days of below 90's temperatures and I feel like a person again. I have brain space, I am less exhausted and I am in touch with herbs once more. I always forget how much heat affects my brain. The only thing that could have been better was my back could not be killing me. Then again pain is a lovely reminder to slow down. Take it easy stop trying so hard. Lay down and rest for awhile.

I only took two ibuprofen and that was to go to work on thursday. My bosses are the coolest people ever and let me stay home thursday afternoon and friday and I am feeling much better. Ice and kava. Motherwort leaves; valerian and dandelion roots. Epson salt baths with rosemary and geranium and lavender essential oils. Beer and water and naps. These are my medicines and these are my loves. Without them my life is bland and painful and tense and stressful.

Just woke from a nap with my husband (of eight years today) and am planning on making a chocolate mousse. Three more glasses of ice cold water and I should be able to do so.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ahhh Summer

I haven't forgotten you blog. I just had a little time off this year. Now that my mini vacation is over I am thinking I will have less time for book writing (sorry book) and more time for short bursts of inspiration...blog style!

It's been an excitingly lush summer, with all the rain we had in the spring everything is staying green so far and it's all really pretty all over Spokane. I think more and more people are gardening these days and it shows. Everyone I know with a house has a garden and even some of us that don't have houses are finding ways to grow things! ( for instance our apartment house got together and created it's own garden plot).

Been spending some time drying herbs but haven't made it to step two with the processing. Been sort of preoccupied with writing this month, but I am noticing I really need to harvest most of my parent's yard this week so I might have to buckle down and harvest all day tomorrow, in between peeling paint from the porch... that should be fun. Maybe it will be less hot tomorrow? Please?

This time next week I will be either as exhausted as I am today or really energized after a full weeks work. It depends on how I take back to the water of working again.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Freaking out Wednesday~

So I have to be all professional today, drive to Connell, meet with an oil producer and, hopefully, get a contract to sell him some stuff. Should I bring a receipt book? Do I have a reciept book? I probably need a cooler for the oil if he gives me any. I am writing up a brochure as we speak that I should have finished a week ago.... AHHHH!!!! Business is nerve wracking.

Trying to stay calm and have fun with this. This is what I want to do with my life after all :) Why do I love to Tango with deadlines? It's just not safe!


Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy as a bee and stealing wax and honey while I am at it!

Working soooo much on products! I think I have figured out the salves and creams are pretty much there, though I am having seconds thoughts about them and may quickly try a new recipe, before I am satisfied completely. Trying to write up a brochure with a comprehensive product list with prices, but its as tedious as it sounds and its so sunny and I am easily distract-...oh look, shiny thing!...

The good news is, I think everything is coming together and I may even have a semi complete product line up and ready by mid summer. I may even try my hand at a Farmer's Market or two before the summer is over. I will try and get my official store website up by then as well with the chance to order certain products online.

So sorry I have neglected the blog, but once i get all official I will try my hardest to actually update here! I may even try the video stuff again, but that might be too much for this camera shy girl. ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's My Birthday!

So far so good, listening to my new cd's (Hank Green's So Jokes and Kate Nash's Foundations and Made of Bricks) and trying to figure out what to do with myself since everyone in my life is working today...

Crepe- eaten
Latte- drunk
New shirt from Denmark -Cute as hell on me (and sparkly to boot)
CD's found after rigorous scavenger hunt ala Sean's cryptic notes
Free Espresso shake from Kate- devoured

It's a lovely day

I always like to say that the whole world celebrates my birthday and here is why:

Netherlands and Denmark: Liberation Day, China, Japan and South Korea: Children's Day, Japan: Boys Day, Internation Midwives' Day, Albania: Martyrs' Day, Ethiopia: Patriots' Victory Day, Palau: Senior Citizens Day, Guyana: Indian Arrival Day, Kyrgyzstan: Constitution Day, Community of Portugese-Speaking countries: Lusaphone Culture Day, Council of Europe: Europe Day, Mexico: Cinco de Mayo (celebrated by more americans that Mexicans), UK: Bank Holiday!

So there you have it the whole world celebrates my birthday!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tension Headache

I get these a lot, though much less often than say three years ago before the knowledge I learned at Bastyr started to kick in. I started to kick the things when I straightened out my diet a bit and got some chiropractic care, but a few choice herbs have helped in the struggle.
Namely: Lobelia, Valerian, Cramp Bark, (all of these are muscle relaxants and most likely wouldn't work for most headaches) and if its hormonally relevent, Motherwort. (Motherwort is good for any sort of menstrual pain and headache due to hormone imbalances) Oh and drinking lots of water since if the headache is that bad I must be dehydrated something awful.

Unfortunately nothing seems to be an instant cure all and the side affects of each of them make it a not so great cure for you know getting rid of a headache (one that will turn into a monster or pain and crying and sleeping it off until the next day are the only options left sort) before going to work in two hours.

Lobelia makes you nauseuas (depending on the dose and the person, some people can take up to a droppful before getting sick, some people can't handle a drop, unfortunately for me, the worse my headache the more sensitive I am to it and can usually only handle a couple drops), Valerian makes you sleepy. The other two aren't so bad but don't always work, Cramp Bark isn't really strong enough in one dose, motherwort tastes awful, though if it works it actually works.

I also use Lobelia, Valerian and Cramp bark topically by adding a few drops of each tincture to a little lotion and rubbing it into the tight muscles of my shoulders and back, this only seems to work if someone else applies it and I get a massage, and frankly it never seems to help me 100%, though I know people that this is the best thing for them. I guess I am an exceptionally tense person or something.

Hence, despite three years of knowing what to do and how to prevent these things if I have one a comin' the only medicine I take is ibuprofen and a hell of a lot of water. How ridiculous is that? If I don't catch it soon enough it doesn't matter I often end up throwing Ibuprofen up anyway, but if I get it in time I can have my muscles give me a break enough to let me have a life for a few hours.

I am on drop two of the lobelia and really not feeling that much better, and my stomach is already protesting. I hope this stupid pill kicks in before work or I am screwed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


My house plants are all sort of dying. Spring has brought on a full on infestation of white flies (that have been there for a couple months, but now that its warm there is a swarm) and a new infestation of aphids: which must have been here for a week or two because I notice that some are already sprouting wings which means they are out to spread their seed to other plants. Lovely.

So I am doing major damage control starting with the Cardamom (Elletaria cardamomum) and the Angel Wing Begonia (Begonia spp hybrid) since they aren't really being affected yet, just a few stray white flies. The rest of the 'window bunch' have been banished outside until I can bury them or rid them of the little parasites. (I am sort of hoping that the cold will help me get rid of most of the problem, even if a couple of the plants bite it too it will be better than my entire garden dying.)

I am using soapy water with lavender essential oil to clean off the plants as best I can then lavender essential oil with water in a spray bottle for keeping the bugs off afterward. I am thinking I will lose the basil (almost dead anyway) and the lemon balm (which is where the white fly infestation originated) I hope I can save the geranium from the aphids, it washing doesn't work I may go out scouting for some lady bugs to help out.

Also, my husband chose this week to place our stuffed moose and bear in the window and they are now host to many (dead looking) white flies. joy. It looks like my bear has lice...ewwwww.
Update: Also found really creepy spider under one of the plants. Sean says its not poisonous. But I don't like the creepy skull marking on its back. Hopefully its just for the flies benefit ("no, I would not say benefit")

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life List

My friend Jill over at thinklikeajillian.blogspot.com started this (as usual!). Check out 43things.com to make your own list!

1. Move to Italy

2. Finish writing a book

3. Make a scientific herb garden

4. travel all around the world

5. make wine

6. Start my own business

7. Sculpt

8. Cook more

9. Become fluent in another language

10. Use herbal medicine

11. Drink tea every day

12. Play Flute more

13. Learn to play a stringed instrument

14. Paint

15. Experience more diverse things

16. learn to kayak

17. Memorize all the countries so I have a mental map of the world.

18. Write 1 page a day

19. Publish many books

20. Learn Latin

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Aboca is an herbal company in Tuscany, Italy that makes a wide variety of products. I found they have a little introductory video I thought I would share.

here (requires quicktime to run :)

Sean and I are discussing moving to Italy for a year so its now a race to see who can get a placement at our prospective places of study.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thyme Honey How To

Hi. So I am a bit nervous about this, but here goes nothing. Be kind to me please I have no acting experience or video editing know how.

Tell me what you think.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thyme and all its lovelyness

Thyme is one of my favorite herbs. It is such a favorite I picked it to be my personal plant which I lovingly tended for a year and journaled about it for a school project. Thyme or Thymus vulgaris is a low growing ground cover that can be found most anywhere in the world, though (according to Culpeper) originated in india. Thyme loves the sun, but stays low to the ground for extra warmth, it is often wise to plant a rock next to a thyme plant to keep it warm. Despite this Thyme is extremely hardy and will last far into the winter in most climates and can be harvested most times of the year. (unless of course it is buried beneath 4 feet of never melting snow like here in Spokane).

Thyme always makes me happy to look at and its scent is wonderful and can sometimes be overwhelming if there is enough of it. Thyme is said in folklore to give one courage and I always feel more able to accomplish things after a cup or two under my belt. Laying in a bed of thyme is supposed to bring fairy's visiting your dreams. I suspect you would have pretty vivid dreams laying in this highly aromatic plant.

Thyme is warming and I often drink it in the winter when I feel chilled or sick. One strong cup of the stuff can warm cold extremities and can even induce sweating and break a fever if used in a bath. (If I have a fever I sometimes drink one cup of thyme tea and also infuse a hot bath with thyme to get my fever to break) Thyme is specific to the lungs. It aids in breaking up and moving mucous, and also aids is the healing of the lungs after infection or damage from smoking.

Thyme is also known for curing headaches and even helps migraines with the aid of rosemary. For headaches make a thyme vinegar and rub on your temples.

Like other plants in the mint family this herb is also associated with digestive health and is used for upset stomach, gas and even the expulsion of worms.

Thyme has a lovely taste, spicey, earthy and minty. Added to honey it makes a wonderful wintertime remedy for cough and other respiratory ailments it has a uniquely wonderful flavor. Just take a jar full of thyme (fresh) and pour honey over it. Make sure you keep a chopstick next to the jar and push the thyme under the honey level for it will keep rising in the jar. Leave this for six weeks and then strain. You can use the honey before six weeks just be sure to keep the level of honey above the thyme. The thyme will thin the honey quite a bit, but the results are amazing and will last for as long as you need. You can then add the thyme honey to your tea or just take it by the spoonful. I find it can also make a lovely spice if you use this instead of sugar to things like muffins.

Herbal Rituals, by Judith Berger
Culpeper's Complete Herbal, Culpeper

Monday, February 9, 2009

February Maladies

The grey daze of January is over. I didn't weather this one particularly well and for the first week of february was sick with a rather nasty rhino-virus. I am thinking the fact that I got sick is due not just to the fact that my husband is a teacher and brings home bugs, but because of February's quixotic nature. Let me explain. February is the month for awakenings, for false spring, for warmer weather (relatively), for the desire to move outside after being huddled inside for what seems like an eternity. Everyone is now outside running around and passing germs that we had been keeping to ourselves for awhile. Contrary to popular belief early spring is the most viral time of year, not in the deep dark winter of December and January, but the more thawed, wet muddy times of year. So while Punxatawni Phil may have seen his shadow its warm enough in our spring hungry minds to go out and catch a cold.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Midnight Concoctions

So I woke yesterday morning at around 2am or so and my throat was killing me, my tonsils swollen and hard. I really don't enjoy being sick, and in the last few years my throat has been the hot spot for ailments. I had one naturapath tell me its because I never speak up for myself so I tend to shove my stress into my vocal area. Whether that is true or not (I tend to like it for its poetic ring of half truth) I once more am fighting a throat bug and hoping strongly that it isn't strep and will not live long enough to become so. So immediately after feeling this throat monster rearing its ugly head I got up and concocted the "Get out of my throat you bastard bug" tea.

Here is what I think I remember putting in said tea. I vaguely remember telling Sean that it actually tasted good at the time, but sick people are not objective about medicine tasting good. (and I cannot imagine that these ingredients would make the most lovely flavor, but you never know!)

Ginger root (driver, heating, and specific to healing throat ailments)
Calendula petals (lymphogogue)
Valerian (I also had a seriously torked back at the time which is why I chose the muscle relaxant and sedative aspect of this)
Elder flower (febrifuge and antiviral agent)
Sage (astringent, aromatic -opens passages ways, antibacterial, warming)
Oregon Grape root (antibacterial, antiviral)
and an astringent tea blend with rose petals, white oak, blackberry leaf, and more sage in it (to tighten the mucous membranes in my throat. ) I have no idea the measurements because I threw it together in the dark (impressive no?) but it was generally equal parts. Oh and a bag of echinacea tea. I let it steep for ten minutes and then spent another ten minutes attempting to guzzle it but being forced to sip due to its extreme temperature. Felt better afterwards and fell right asleep.

When I woke my throat was still sore of course, but the tonsils were less hardened which is good. I then spent the rest of the day watching movies and guzzling in round robin style, Traditional Medicinal teas, Throat Coat, Echinacea with elder and breathe easy. I think I went through ten tea bags today. I also procured some of the Throat Coat Lozenges that I love so much and pack a powerful punch and relieve the throaty angst.

My throat is less sore, I can drink cold water now (which I couldn't touch all day without agony) My nose is now acting up, sneezing and general snottiness, but I think its a good sign that I am pushing this thing out of me now.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Writing Exercise #1

Ok so I have been writing a lot and not anything for this blog, so I thought I would use one to feed the other, so to speak. I found a website called Golden Buddha that has 364 days of five minute writing exercises. I did not do todays assignment, but made up my own and here are the results.

Peanut Butter Toast

The lid of the peanut butter jar made a tin noise as I twirled it off with my left hand, a metalic ring briefly hung in the air. I set the lid with a small clang on the mottled gray counter and dipped my silver butter knife into the brown chunky spread. I set the jar down and lifted my perfectly dark brown toast, 100% whole wheat bread with a touch of honey,proclaimed the bag, now in the fridge. I carefully spread the dollop of nutty (legumey!) goodness on the toast. It made a pleasant rasping sounds as the knife touched the burnt surface of the bread, still hot from the toaster. I watched as the chunks of Adam's chunky peanut butter were left at random intervals on the surface, the golden brown of the buttered peanuts covering the darker shades of burnt bread. I set the knife on the top of the jar where I always left it, knowing I should put the lid on and the knife in the sink, but not caring. There were more important things to worry about. Like biting into this beautiful concoction and breaking my nights fast. The crunch of toasted bread differed in quality and length from the smaller crunch of the chunks of peanuts. The sensation of brittle toast on my tongue contrasted with the feeling of smooth peanut butter on my palette. The salty, smooth, rich, nutty flavor of the peanut butter complemented the sweet, grainy, burnt, smokey, umami-ness of the toasted bread. I reveled in the perfection that is peanut butter toast and walked into the living room.