Monday, November 9, 2009

Also found a coupon for Dr. Kilmers Swamp-Root tonic! Here is a link to the modern day manufacturer. I will post a copy of the coupon too.

Dandelion Wine

My mother and my aunt are lookin g through old family papers and documents and just stumbled across this old recipe for dandelion wine. I wil have to try this come spring.

Dandelion Wine
5 qrts Dandelion flowers.
2 gals boiling water, let stand over night and strain. Add 4lbs
white sugar. 6 lemons, boil one
hour. Strain into a stone jar and
let stand 2 to 3 weeks. Add 1/2
pint whiskey and strain into
bottles. 1 pound raisins.

The one pound raisins is added as an afterthought in a different leaded pencil. This is great! I love it. I will add a scan of this once we get it into the computer.