Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life List

My friend Jill over at thinklikeajillian.blogspot.com started this (as usual!). Check out 43things.com to make your own list!

1. Move to Italy

2. Finish writing a book

3. Make a scientific herb garden

4. travel all around the world

5. make wine

6. Start my own business

7. Sculpt

8. Cook more

9. Become fluent in another language

10. Use herbal medicine

11. Drink tea every day

12. Play Flute more

13. Learn to play a stringed instrument

14. Paint

15. Experience more diverse things

16. learn to kayak

17. Memorize all the countries so I have a mental map of the world.

18. Write 1 page a day

19. Publish many books

20. Learn Latin

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