Sunday, January 25, 2009

Writing Exercise #1

Ok so I have been writing a lot and not anything for this blog, so I thought I would use one to feed the other, so to speak. I found a website called Golden Buddha that has 364 days of five minute writing exercises. I did not do todays assignment, but made up my own and here are the results.

Peanut Butter Toast

The lid of the peanut butter jar made a tin noise as I twirled it off with my left hand, a metalic ring briefly hung in the air. I set the lid with a small clang on the mottled gray counter and dipped my silver butter knife into the brown chunky spread. I set the jar down and lifted my perfectly dark brown toast, 100% whole wheat bread with a touch of honey,proclaimed the bag, now in the fridge. I carefully spread the dollop of nutty (legumey!) goodness on the toast. It made a pleasant rasping sounds as the knife touched the burnt surface of the bread, still hot from the toaster. I watched as the chunks of Adam's chunky peanut butter were left at random intervals on the surface, the golden brown of the buttered peanuts covering the darker shades of burnt bread. I set the knife on the top of the jar where I always left it, knowing I should put the lid on and the knife in the sink, but not caring. There were more important things to worry about. Like biting into this beautiful concoction and breaking my nights fast. The crunch of toasted bread differed in quality and length from the smaller crunch of the chunks of peanuts. The sensation of brittle toast on my tongue contrasted with the feeling of smooth peanut butter on my palette. The salty, smooth, rich, nutty flavor of the peanut butter complemented the sweet, grainy, burnt, smokey, umami-ness of the toasted bread. I reveled in the perfection that is peanut butter toast and walked into the living room.