Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy as a bee and stealing wax and honey while I am at it!

Working soooo much on products! I think I have figured out the salves and creams are pretty much there, though I am having seconds thoughts about them and may quickly try a new recipe, before I am satisfied completely. Trying to write up a brochure with a comprehensive product list with prices, but its as tedious as it sounds and its so sunny and I am easily distract-...oh look, shiny thing!...

The good news is, I think everything is coming together and I may even have a semi complete product line up and ready by mid summer. I may even try my hand at a Farmer's Market or two before the summer is over. I will try and get my official store website up by then as well with the chance to order certain products online.

So sorry I have neglected the blog, but once i get all official I will try my hardest to actually update here! I may even try the video stuff again, but that might be too much for this camera shy girl. ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's My Birthday!

So far so good, listening to my new cd's (Hank Green's So Jokes and Kate Nash's Foundations and Made of Bricks) and trying to figure out what to do with myself since everyone in my life is working today...

Crepe- eaten
Latte- drunk
New shirt from Denmark -Cute as hell on me (and sparkly to boot)
CD's found after rigorous scavenger hunt ala Sean's cryptic notes
Free Espresso shake from Kate- devoured

It's a lovely day

I always like to say that the whole world celebrates my birthday and here is why:

Netherlands and Denmark: Liberation Day, China, Japan and South Korea: Children's Day, Japan: Boys Day, Internation Midwives' Day, Albania: Martyrs' Day, Ethiopia: Patriots' Victory Day, Palau: Senior Citizens Day, Guyana: Indian Arrival Day, Kyrgyzstan: Constitution Day, Community of Portugese-Speaking countries: Lusaphone Culture Day, Council of Europe: Europe Day, Mexico: Cinco de Mayo (celebrated by more americans that Mexicans), UK: Bank Holiday!

So there you have it the whole world celebrates my birthday!