Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lightning storms and backaches

This long weekend started off with a bang (more like boom) the lightning was so close and the storm lasted so long and brought in a much needed cool breeze. Three days of below 90's temperatures and I feel like a person again. I have brain space, I am less exhausted and I am in touch with herbs once more. I always forget how much heat affects my brain. The only thing that could have been better was my back could not be killing me. Then again pain is a lovely reminder to slow down. Take it easy stop trying so hard. Lay down and rest for awhile.

I only took two ibuprofen and that was to go to work on thursday. My bosses are the coolest people ever and let me stay home thursday afternoon and friday and I am feeling much better. Ice and kava. Motherwort leaves; valerian and dandelion roots. Epson salt baths with rosemary and geranium and lavender essential oils. Beer and water and naps. These are my medicines and these are my loves. Without them my life is bland and painful and tense and stressful.

Just woke from a nap with my husband (of eight years today) and am planning on making a chocolate mousse. Three more glasses of ice cold water and I should be able to do so.