Thursday, March 26, 2009


My house plants are all sort of dying. Spring has brought on a full on infestation of white flies (that have been there for a couple months, but now that its warm there is a swarm) and a new infestation of aphids: which must have been here for a week or two because I notice that some are already sprouting wings which means they are out to spread their seed to other plants. Lovely.

So I am doing major damage control starting with the Cardamom (Elletaria cardamomum) and the Angel Wing Begonia (Begonia spp hybrid) since they aren't really being affected yet, just a few stray white flies. The rest of the 'window bunch' have been banished outside until I can bury them or rid them of the little parasites. (I am sort of hoping that the cold will help me get rid of most of the problem, even if a couple of the plants bite it too it will be better than my entire garden dying.)

I am using soapy water with lavender essential oil to clean off the plants as best I can then lavender essential oil with water in a spray bottle for keeping the bugs off afterward. I am thinking I will lose the basil (almost dead anyway) and the lemon balm (which is where the white fly infestation originated) I hope I can save the geranium from the aphids, it washing doesn't work I may go out scouting for some lady bugs to help out.

Also, my husband chose this week to place our stuffed moose and bear in the window and they are now host to many (dead looking) white flies. joy. It looks like my bear has lice...ewwwww.
Update: Also found really creepy spider under one of the plants. Sean says its not poisonous. But I don't like the creepy skull marking on its back. Hopefully its just for the flies benefit ("no, I would not say benefit")

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life List

My friend Jill over at started this (as usual!). Check out to make your own list!

1. Move to Italy

2. Finish writing a book

3. Make a scientific herb garden

4. travel all around the world

5. make wine

6. Start my own business

7. Sculpt

8. Cook more

9. Become fluent in another language

10. Use herbal medicine

11. Drink tea every day

12. Play Flute more

13. Learn to play a stringed instrument

14. Paint

15. Experience more diverse things

16. learn to kayak

17. Memorize all the countries so I have a mental map of the world.

18. Write 1 page a day

19. Publish many books

20. Learn Latin

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Aboca is an herbal company in Tuscany, Italy that makes a wide variety of products. I found they have a little introductory video I thought I would share.

here (requires quicktime to run :)

Sean and I are discussing moving to Italy for a year so its now a race to see who can get a placement at our prospective places of study.