Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tension Headache

I get these a lot, though much less often than say three years ago before the knowledge I learned at Bastyr started to kick in. I started to kick the things when I straightened out my diet a bit and got some chiropractic care, but a few choice herbs have helped in the struggle.
Namely: Lobelia, Valerian, Cramp Bark, (all of these are muscle relaxants and most likely wouldn't work for most headaches) and if its hormonally relevent, Motherwort. (Motherwort is good for any sort of menstrual pain and headache due to hormone imbalances) Oh and drinking lots of water since if the headache is that bad I must be dehydrated something awful.

Unfortunately nothing seems to be an instant cure all and the side affects of each of them make it a not so great cure for you know getting rid of a headache (one that will turn into a monster or pain and crying and sleeping it off until the next day are the only options left sort) before going to work in two hours.

Lobelia makes you nauseuas (depending on the dose and the person, some people can take up to a droppful before getting sick, some people can't handle a drop, unfortunately for me, the worse my headache the more sensitive I am to it and can usually only handle a couple drops), Valerian makes you sleepy. The other two aren't so bad but don't always work, Cramp Bark isn't really strong enough in one dose, motherwort tastes awful, though if it works it actually works.

I also use Lobelia, Valerian and Cramp bark topically by adding a few drops of each tincture to a little lotion and rubbing it into the tight muscles of my shoulders and back, this only seems to work if someone else applies it and I get a massage, and frankly it never seems to help me 100%, though I know people that this is the best thing for them. I guess I am an exceptionally tense person or something.

Hence, despite three years of knowing what to do and how to prevent these things if I have one a comin' the only medicine I take is ibuprofen and a hell of a lot of water. How ridiculous is that? If I don't catch it soon enough it doesn't matter I often end up throwing Ibuprofen up anyway, but if I get it in time I can have my muscles give me a break enough to let me have a life for a few hours.

I am on drop two of the lobelia and really not feeling that much better, and my stomach is already protesting. I hope this stupid pill kicks in before work or I am screwed.