Thursday, February 5, 2009

Midnight Concoctions

So I woke yesterday morning at around 2am or so and my throat was killing me, my tonsils swollen and hard. I really don't enjoy being sick, and in the last few years my throat has been the hot spot for ailments. I had one naturapath tell me its because I never speak up for myself so I tend to shove my stress into my vocal area. Whether that is true or not (I tend to like it for its poetic ring of half truth) I once more am fighting a throat bug and hoping strongly that it isn't strep and will not live long enough to become so. So immediately after feeling this throat monster rearing its ugly head I got up and concocted the "Get out of my throat you bastard bug" tea.

Here is what I think I remember putting in said tea. I vaguely remember telling Sean that it actually tasted good at the time, but sick people are not objective about medicine tasting good. (and I cannot imagine that these ingredients would make the most lovely flavor, but you never know!)

Ginger root (driver, heating, and specific to healing throat ailments)
Calendula petals (lymphogogue)
Valerian (I also had a seriously torked back at the time which is why I chose the muscle relaxant and sedative aspect of this)
Elder flower (febrifuge and antiviral agent)
Sage (astringent, aromatic -opens passages ways, antibacterial, warming)
Oregon Grape root (antibacterial, antiviral)
and an astringent tea blend with rose petals, white oak, blackberry leaf, and more sage in it (to tighten the mucous membranes in my throat. ) I have no idea the measurements because I threw it together in the dark (impressive no?) but it was generally equal parts. Oh and a bag of echinacea tea. I let it steep for ten minutes and then spent another ten minutes attempting to guzzle it but being forced to sip due to its extreme temperature. Felt better afterwards and fell right asleep.

When I woke my throat was still sore of course, but the tonsils were less hardened which is good. I then spent the rest of the day watching movies and guzzling in round robin style, Traditional Medicinal teas, Throat Coat, Echinacea with elder and breathe easy. I think I went through ten tea bags today. I also procured some of the Throat Coat Lozenges that I love so much and pack a powerful punch and relieve the throaty angst.

My throat is less sore, I can drink cold water now (which I couldn't touch all day without agony) My nose is now acting up, sneezing and general snottiness, but I think its a good sign that I am pushing this thing out of me now.