Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Didn't I Know That?

During my time at Bastyr I was constantly pounded with information, so much so that when I would come visit my friends they would tell me I was 'leaking' information. As if I had so much stuff in my head I couldn't contain it all and had to share or I would explode. Now 7 months after graduation I am not so full and I wonder if I have lost a large proportion of my knowledge base.

I worry about this because I know I am not using my knowledge effectively. I haven't been studiously pouring through my notes or reading the books I bought (but never had read all the way through). Most of the time if someone asks me something I tend to have an answer for them; and if I don't, I usually find I've never learned anything about their particular ailment. This doesn't relieve the sense that I have been slacking off, or that feeling that I have lost something along the way. I feel inadequate when trying to explain things to people, I either go jargon-y on the--telling the things they just don't understand--or I leave out important information. In an attempt to remedy this I have written up instruction sheets explaining the treatment and herbs I am using for them. I don't yet know if this is effective but I hope to get some feedback by the end of the week.

So am I ready to be an Herbalist? I really don't know, but this is what I have set myself up to be. I just have to keep moving forward and that the knowledge really is still up there and hope that luck is on my side.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Starting From Scratch

So in an attempt to do something productive with my amazing amount of free time I am starting a blog. I have thought about doing this for quite a long time, but I am more than a little good at procrastination so it of course took me years. For those of you interested this blog will mostly be rants about Natural Health, Herbal Medicine, Organic Gardening/ Farming and Living Green. If I slip in a post about science fiction and video gaming every once in awhile just bear with me, my interests like most people are strangely varied.

So soon as there is anything to read about anyway.