Monday, April 18, 2011

...Peeking around corners

Hello Blogosphere! I assume really that no one was listening since I inadvertantly took a year off from blogging, but in case anyone sees this I will make an announcement. I am returning to the internets. Just not yet. See I have decided to go back to school, this time in the exciting field of Women's and Gender Studies at my local Eastern Washington University. Why, you say, Women's Studies? Aren't you an Herbalist? And I say, yes and yes! How does that relate, you ask? Very well actually. I am interested in studying how alternative medicines are marketed to people in general and woman in particular. From what I see in most health magazines woman are getting bombarded with all sorts of health advice, some is actually sound but a lot ins't. So once I get this degree done, sometime this summer if all goes as planned, I will return with posts at the intersection of Herbal Medicine and Gender Studies. Until then I will try to make a few posts when I am not completely swamped with work and school! Stay Groovy! Herbal Amanda

Monday, March 22, 2010


So, I gave into peer pressure and bought a new bike! Here are some pictures of me on my maiden voyage.
It turns out Sean took a video as well.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Maybe it's the idea rather than the follow through

I sparked a heated debate at my book club meeting tonight. One I wasn't really expecting, but perhaps should have. I had an idea while reading our book, 'Seven Days in the Art World', by Sarah Thornton, about conducting interviews with ordinary people "shop girls" and the like about what they wanted from their lives and what the craziest dream of theirs was. I wanted to interview them and blog about it, they could be named or be annonymous their choice.

I told this idea to my two book clubbers, and one loved the idea and the other wanted to know what the purpose of the interview process was. I guess I had viewed it as an art project, but also toyed with the idea of it as a sociological experiement. The only problem being what the purpose of the experiment might be.

Some part of me is just interested in the story. What people are about, and where they are, where they came from and/or where they are going. But my one friend brings up a good point, What is the purpose of the experiment? Why interview these people? What is your criteria. Unfortunately I didn't have an answer. I was just telling them an unfinished, unthoughtout idea that I came across.

Maybe I was just being narcissictic and wanted someone to come by and ask me those questions. Maybe it's an awful idea. Maybe I just wanted to go through the thought experiment, like so many of my other ideas. MaybeI should just keep my mouth shut. Maybe I wanted some controversy in my life.

Whatever the reason, I really only brought it up to discuss our book. To tell a crazy modern art idea I had while reading about art. I regret that that the discussion was cut short and we couldn't resolve it more satifactorily.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, where, oh, where has my Honda gone?

It's a curious feeling to walk outside and go to your car, only to discover it missing. My first reaction was to laugh. I mean really what else am I going to do. It's an old car, nothing valuable (other than a blanket a friend made and a external frame backpack) was really inside and it was all paid off. Still, it seems I should feel outrage or hurt or something, but I really don't. I just feel like it's some cosmic joke. I felt more violated the two times my stereo was stolen than I do over this. I suppose it is because there is nothing to react to. I guess it's time to buy a new car. We had been sort of planning to anyway.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Also found a coupon for Dr. Kilmers Swamp-Root tonic! Here is a link to the modern day manufacturer. I will post a copy of the coupon too.