Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Amanda: Demolition Woman!

I got up today and went on a magical journey to Lowes, where I bought cement board, wall board, tape and grout. I transported it home and put it away and walked into the bathroom where I proceeded to TEAR DOWN THE FREAKING WALLS!!!! WOOHOOO!!!
I don't know the last time I had such fun. The old wallboard was all water damaged and moldy so most of it tore right out, but I had to resort to a crowbar and hammers to get the parts of the wall that were undamaged. I also discovered the source of the water damage which turned out to be the window.

See when they* installed the newer (smaller) window they had simply placed a piece of plywood in front of the gaping hole and forgot** to seal it at all so there was a nice 1/4 inch exposed seam into the wall that has been there for 20+ years. No wonder its always too cold to take a bath in there.

Anyway I am tired and covered in mold and plaster dust and really loonging for a shower which I will not get until tomorrow at a friends house. It's just poetic justice that the reason I need a shower is because I demolished it.

*The identity of 'they' has been concealed to protect the innocent or not so innocent

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