Thursday, March 20, 2008

Traveling Like A True American

So my husband and I are going to France. This in and of itself is amazing and I am excited and nothing could get me down... except the more we look around the more this trip is going to cost a fortune. Yes I already knew that, but its going to cost a fortune just outside of our actual money in the bank. Though it is looking like we have a choice. Spend all of our money and stay in Paris and not travel anywhere else, but maybe get closer to actually seeing a large proportion of things on our Paris sites list. Or spend all of our money, and about half again as much again, that we don't have (yes I mean credit card debt!) and stay in Paris half the time and in a little village near Dijon (that is so small it doesn't have a store!) for the other half. We would have already made the sane choice to stay in Paris alone except we got ourselves so excited about the Dijon area now we are torn.

I have a feeling I am going to be paying back this trip to France for a long time...
I also have the feeling that I wont care :)

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