Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Name is Jonas....

My week has been all about music. My husband downloaded The Proclaimers "Sunshine on Leith" album and I fell in love with it! I already knew the "I'm gonna be" song from well being alive for the last 20 years, but the rest of the album is equally fantastic, soulful and funny. I am now convinced I must own all there music, now if I only had the funds to buy all of them. For those of you saying hey you could just torrent it all, I say this: Once I fall in love with a band for free, ie, one album, I tend to try and buy the rest for the simple reason that I want them to make more and supporting them monetarily is a way to ensure that.

My husband also borrowed some music from our friend and with it brought Weezer's "Blue Album" (is that capitalized since its not actually the title, just the color?), which I used to own but lost during a computer crash years ago*. I went on a nostalgia trip last night and had to listen through three times to get my fix. I remember my brother letting me listen to it in his bedroom when he was a teenager, a rare invitation. The only other times he let me come in his room to listen to music was to introduce me to Primus and Pink Floyd. I used to listen to that album over and over. Funny how that sums up almost every album I have fallen in love with. I tend to listen to it till everyone around me is ready to kill me.

*That makes it sound like the computer crashed and blew up all my CD's, actually I only had the copy on my computer from my brothers CD collection and he has the hard copy, but lives in California.

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