Monday, April 18, 2011

...Peeking around corners

Hello Blogosphere! I assume really that no one was listening since I inadvertantly took a year off from blogging, but in case anyone sees this I will make an announcement. I am returning to the internets. Just not yet. See I have decided to go back to school, this time in the exciting field of Women's and Gender Studies at my local Eastern Washington University. Why, you say, Women's Studies? Aren't you an Herbalist? And I say, yes and yes! How does that relate, you ask? Very well actually. I am interested in studying how alternative medicines are marketed to people in general and woman in particular. From what I see in most health magazines woman are getting bombarded with all sorts of health advice, some is actually sound but a lot ins't. So once I get this degree done, sometime this summer if all goes as planned, I will return with posts at the intersection of Herbal Medicine and Gender Studies. Until then I will try to make a few posts when I am not completely swamped with work and school! Stay Groovy! Herbal Amanda

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Sean said...

It would be cool to see what you've gotten into, since this date. Any updates? Any other places we can follow your thinkings?