Saturday, August 23, 2008

Head whipping around to see where it went

I am not really sure where the 20 days went without a single post and a grand total of 5 twitters to show for it. I guess I can only blame the incredible combination of my new job overlapping with my old one and lots of my free time actually spent doing things that don't involve computers in any way shape or form. I do not promise more regular posting from here on in however, I will try to make blogging again part of my schedule.

I am excited for fall, though a little sad to see that summer is fading since I didn't get to really enjoy it as much as I would have liked -we just didn't have as many hot days as usual this year. Its been cold and rainy the last few days and I am in that strange place working leaves you where you are anxious for next weekend, yet wishing time wouldn't run away so fast.

I need to start thinking about packing for the move next week. I am so exited about our new apartment, but its hard for me to get exited for packing just yet. Actually watching my friends pack for their camping trip thursday night helped a little. I am sure by wednesday I will be more in the mood. But since we will likely just be moving one pickup truck load and then trickling everything in by car its not like it really matters if everything is boxed and ready. Heck half our stuff is still in boxes from a year and a half ago! I think once I have signed the lease and really know we are going to live there will make it less of a chore :)

I will start thinking about an herb for fall. Stay tuned!