Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yesterday after selling bread to people that like bread at the farmers market I headed over to Eastern to climb with Sean, Jill and Gordon. So it had been probably 12 years since I last went to a climbing wall so I wasn't as good as I was when I was a teenager. Mostly though that was because my arm strength has diminished so greatly I just couldn't do much. Despite that I had lots of fun and I will be going back. Maybe lift some weights in the meantime so I can have even MORE fun next time :) Not surprisingly Sean took to climbing like a fish to water, must be all those years climbing trees. Here are some pictures you may enjoy!

Me bouldering (meaning climbing without a rope)

Me climbing again, I did climb with ropes for a bit, but my arms gave up.
Sean horizontal.

Jill climbing with Gordon balaying.

Sean Attempting a really difficult climb.

Gordon tries to show him up.
And gets a little farther than Sean, notice where his left leg is!
Sean climbing.

Sean making it to the top.
Gordon Showing us how it should be done in his badass Climbing Staff Shirt.

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brett said...

Looks like you guys had a blast.