Friday, May 9, 2008

Notre Dame and Little Taste of Paris

Despite my protestations about going up the Notre Dame tower (I must admit I threatened to leave the tour line more than once) it was actually something I enjoyed. I will also say though that 400 stairs is a lot, Gargoyles, chimeras and grotesues aren't nearly as interesting from behind steel cables (erected for our protection and theirs I am sure), and 30 people on a winding staircase makes it hot cramped and airless. I had two distinct "oh my gawd, I think I am going to have a panic attack." moments... but they passed thanks to breathtaking views and a cool refreshing breeze. I doubt I will want to do it again, but it is something I will remember and I certainly know Sean had fun and really wanted to see it. Thank goodness he can be persistent.

Sean and I after we climbed to the top and back down

After the Cathedral we went to the crypts below, but it wasn't really much to see, interesting for an archeaology student, but not much for an overstimulated person whose been to 7 museums in the last 5 days. We had both been expecting skulls and bones, but found out that that is the Catacombs. We will go there next monday or tuesday instead :)

On a completely different subject Sean and I have been married now for 81 months and we celebrated our Lunaversary by going out to lunch at our favorite spot yet in Paris. Le Cheveau de La Colombe, 4 Rue De La Colombe, 75004 Paris, France. The food, superb! the wine... oh the wine... ahhhh! service was excellent the server was really friendly and spoke really fluent english, it was quite nice, all that I expected from Paris and More. We may have to go back there before we leave.

The rest of the day we spent at the Pompidou, but alas our camera had died by then so we don't have any pictures to share tonight. We found, however, a new artist to love. Her name is Louise Bourgeious, and she is the real deal!

Hope your Friday is going well!

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